Proposed Working Groups

From time to time Accellera may establish a Proposed Working Group (PWG) to examine the validity and need for a proposed standards development project. A PWG is authorized to operate up to six (6) months. The purpose of the PWG is to identify interest in a proposed project and report its recommendations to the Accellera Technical Committee.

The purpose of a PWG is mainly to collect requirements for a standardization project, identify potential working group participants, and gain Accellera support to authorize the creation of a new working group to define a standard.

To ensure representation from all impacted parties and balance among the industries affected by a proposed standard, a call for participation is issued when a PWG is formed to ensure materially interested parties can participate. Proposed Working Groups are open to participation by both Accellera members and the community (non-members) subject to Accellera’s Policies & Procedures.

Current PWGs

Federated Simulation Standard Proposed Working Group

Call for Participation - Proposed Working Group to Explore Federated Simulation Standard Development
In-person event, September 25 & 26, 2023 in Toulouse, France

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Accellera is initiating a Proposed Working Group (PWG) to identify industry interest in developing a standardized communication interface to enable interoperability of virtual modeling, simulation, and integration throughout the product lifecycle. The intent of this communication standard is to facilitate the creation of a distributed and orchestrated (“federated”) multi-domain simulation framework, compatible with and complementary to existing approaches used in different industries and sectors.

Accellera hosted a teleconference on July 18 to introduce the PWG, its charter, motivation, objectives, and initial plans. Download the presentation here.

The first FSS PWG in-person meeting will be held on Monday, Sept 25 and Tuesday, September 26 in Toulouse, France. The meeting on Monday is planned from 10:30am to 5:00pm CEST and will discuss applications, uses cases, requirements, and expectations of the standard. Organizations and participants are invited to present 3-4 slides to share their industrial application and requirements. The meeting on Tuesday is planned from 9:00am till 12:30pm CEST and will discuss the organizational aspects and intended alignment with other project initiatives or organizations, such as IRT, Eclipse Foundation, Linaro, etc.

Participants in the FSS PWG do not need to be from Accellera member companies. Registration for the event is required here. Details on the exact location will follow after registration.

Proposed Working Group Registration

If you are an Accellera member, you can join the PWG here (login required). If you are not an Accellera member and would like to participate in the PWG, fill out this form and return it to

In case of questions or other queries, please contact the organization committee:

Martin Barnasconi, NXP Semiconductors,

Mark Burton, Qualcomm,

Eric Jenn, IRT Saint Exupéry,