Worldwide SystemC User Groups

SystemC momentum is evident around the world in the form of thriving user groups around the world. User groups provide a unique forum for sharing the SystemC experiences among business, research and universities, while influencing the growth and evolution of SystemC standards.

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North American SystemC Users Group (NASCUG)

Chair: David C Black, Doulos

"It's hard to believe that the North American SystemC User's Group is approaching it's tenth anniversary and still going strong. When we started, it was envisioned to be a meeting place for practitioners in the relatively new art of modeling with SystemC. Over the years we've seen quite a shift as companies are now starting to use SystemC for their High Level Synthesis needs as well. Having a network of fellow designers is very helpful. As we move into the next generation of engineers, many of whom learn ESL and SystemC techniques at the university level, I expect to see many more high quality presentations and fresh new ideas."

European SystemC Users Group (ESCUG)

Chair: Professor Wolfgang Rosenstiel, University of Tüebingen

"SystemC is now the standard language for system-level modeling and ESL design," said Professor Wolfgang Rosenstiel of the University of Tuebingen and organizer of ESCUG. "Our European users group provides a unique forum for sharing the SystemC experience among research, business, and academia, while also giving us a voice into how SystemC grows and evolves through the standards process."

Indian SystemC Users Group (ISCUG)


ISCUG is now DVCon India and provides the latest information on various Accellera standards for system design, modelling and verification including UVM, SystemC (and its variants like SystemC-AMS, SCV, CCI, Synthesis subset), SystemVerilog, PSL, Assertions for AMS, Verilog, IP-XACT, OCP and many more.

Japan SystemC Users Forum (JSCUF)

Chair: Hiroshi Imai, EDA-TC/JEITA

"The SystemC standard language has made ESL methodology widely used in industries," said Toshiba's Hiroshi Imai, chair of the SystemC Working Group in Japan, EDA-TC/JEITA. The TLM-2.0 standard will help broaden the use of the ESL methodology to overcome the challenges of design productivity and quality."

Taiwan SystemC Users Group (TSCUG)

Chair: Alan P. Su, PhD, Synopsys

In 2005, Taiwan launched various ESL movements in education, training, standardization and industrialization. As part of that movement, an ESL Working Group was formed within the Taiwan SoC Consortium to raise the awareness and promote the adoption of ESL design methodologies. Recognizing the importance of SystemC to the ESL community, the ESL WG recently transformed to become the Taiwan SystemC Users Group (TSCUG), an independent user organization that will host regular open forums to further promote ESL technologies. TSCUG hosted its third meeting November 14-15, 2011 at the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Hsinchu and the National Cheng Kung University in Tainan, respectively. Read the press release and agenda.

Latin American SystemC Users Group (LASCUG)

Chair: Guido Araujo, University of Campinas

"Latin American groups were early adopters of SystemC from its very beginning, and the use of the language has grown considerably since then," said Professor Guido Araujo of Brazil's Computer Systems Laboratory at the University of Campinas, and organizer of the Latin America SystemC Users Group (LASCUG). "LASCUG grew up from the need of these groups to collectively share their ideas and accumulated knowledge on SystemC technologies and applications. LASCUG will allow us to increase the dissemination of SystemC in Latin America, while enabling a valuable repository of knowledge and experiences for the region."