Functional Safety WG Addresses Standardization Efforts to Improve Automation, Interoperability, and Traceability

Presented at Virtual DAC 2020 on July 23, 2020

Accellera’s Functional Safety Working Group (FSWG) presented an overview at the virtual 57th Design Automation Conference of the scope, needs, and goals defined by the FSWG, including developments since its formation.

Introductions by Lu Dai, Accellera’s Chair, Martin Barnasconi, Technical Committee Chair, and Alessandra Nardi, FSWG Chair, were followed by informative presentations by functional safety experts focusing on specific perspectives, challenges, and opportunities.

Speakers include Bala Chavali, AMD; Ghani Kanawati, Arm; Jyotika Athavale, Intel; Franck Galtié, NXP Semiconductors; and Riccardo Vincelli, Renesas. The lively and Q&A session following the presentations is also available as part of the recording.



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