Accellera Approves New Portable Test and Stimulus Standard - Quote Sheet

Congratulations to the Accellera Portable Test and Stimulus Working Group for the standardization of a portable stimulus specification for the industry. The strong collaboration and contributions by industry leaders to reach this important milestone should unlock broad industry adoption, interoperability and the ability to shift left when driving to market. AMD looks forward to continued participation with enhancing these standards in the future.
— Alex Starr, Sr. Fellow, AMD

We are happy that there is a new standard for specifying verification intent and enabling tools to further automate verification of complex SoC designs.  DVT Eclipse IDE is the ideal cockpit for working with design and verification languages, so it is natural for us to add support for both the PSS DSL and PSS C++ formats. Engineers developing portable stimulus models now have the same capabilities and enjoy the same benefits as the users of SystemVerilog, VHDL, and other languages.
— Cristian Amitroaie, CEO, AMIQ EDA

Breker Verification Systems, Inc.
Portable Stimulus represents a dramatic step function in verification productivity, experienced by multiple semiconductor leaders who have already partnered with Breker and enabled the formation of this program. We congratulate and thank Accellera for the standardization of Portable Stimulus, which will eliminate proprietary adoption barriers, allowing many mainstream verification teams to realize the significant advantages of this approach, potentially changing the entire nature of modern verification.
— Adnan Hamid, President and CEO, Breker Verification Systems, Inc.

Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
The creation of the Accellera Portable Test and Stimulus version 1.0 standard is a significant event in the industry and portends a substantial change in SoC verification strategy. Our contributions and participation in the Portable Stimulus Working Group have played a significant part in the resulting standard, and we’d like to thank all the participants for their contributions and efforts. The Cadence Perspec System Verifier supports the new PSS v1.0 standard—both DSL and C++ syntaxes—and is ready for use in customer production. Cadence is also continuing to proactively drive future editions of the standard as the adoption of the standard and products that support it continue to grow.
— Dr. Stan Krolikoski, Fellow, Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

ChipGlobe GmbH
ChipGlobe congratulates Accellera and the Portable Stimulus Working Group for the 1.0 version of the Portable Test and Stimulus Standard.  We are looking forward to using the standard itself with the corresponding tools and methodologies to transfer our knowledge into customer projects and make them and our customers successful.  ChipGlobe works with global semiconductor companies on large and complex designs. The first time right approach, sustainable design and verification setup combined with teams of senior experts make a big difference in today’s challenging project environments.  Portable Test and Stimulus standardization is an important milestone to address these challenges.
— Dieter Rudolf, Director Business Development, ChipGlobe GmbH

COSEDA Technologies
As a system-level tool provider for systems that cover both digital hardware and software as well as analog components, COSEDA Technologies appreciates the release of the Accellera Portable Test and Stimulus Standard 1.0. Through our active participation in the Accellera Verification Working Group, we contribute to methods for creating verification scenarios. We see the Portable Test and Stimulus Standard as the next step in closing design flow gaps, especially from system-level design verification to silicon validation in the lab. COSEDA Technologies will adopt the standard for creating disruptive reuse scenarios for system-level stimuli.
— Karsten Einwich, CEO, COSEDA Technologies

IRT Saint Exupéry
As Virtual Platform technology is increasingly being deployed across the safety critical embedded industry (often with long supplier chains), interoperability and test are becoming critical issues. Standardization of test stimulus, as proposed by the new Accellera Portable Test and Stimulus Standard, is seen by the IRT Saint Exupéry as an important step in the right direction.
— Calixte Champetier, Head of Embedded Systems Domain, IRT Saint Exupéry

Mentor, a Siemens Business
We congratulate Accellera and the many companies who collaborated over these last four years to deliver the Portable Test and Stimulus Standard 1.0.  With this new standard, we are helping the industry to avert a potential verification crisis, so our customers can more efficiently deliver innovations that will dramatically change our world. I’d also like to thank the verification team at Mentor for initiating the standards project, for donating the Questa inFact portable stimulus language to the effort, and for their hard work in driving the effort to completion.
Ravi Subramanian, Vice-president and General Manager, IC Verification Solutions, Mentor, a Siemens Business

OneSpin Solutions
The first release of the Portable Test and Stimulus Standard (PSS) by Accellera is the result of several years of hard work by industry experts. The PSS approach has the promise to revolutionize system-level verification and is entirely complementary to the role played by formal techniques.
— Raik Brinkmann, CEO and President, OneSpin Solutions

Synopsys, Inc.
Synopsys has been investing in portable stimulus technology and is an active contributor in Accellera's standardization efforts.  The Portable Test and Stimulus Standard 1.0 is a good first step in the journey to make the standard complete.
— Bernie DeLay, Group Director of Engineering in the Verification Group at Synopsys

Vayavya Labs Pvt. Ltd
The release of Portable Test and Stimulus Standard 1.0 (PSS 1.0) from Accellera is an important first step in realizing our vision of having a single representation of stimulus and test specification and a standardized hardware/software interface. This has been a result of over 3 years of intense work within the Portable Stimulus Working Group in which Vayavya has been an important contributor. We at Vayavya will support our customers with PSS 1.0 and remain committed to furthering the standard within the Portable Stimulus Working Group.
— Sandeep Pendharkar, VP and Head, Product Engineering, Vayavya Labs Pvt. Ltd.

VerifWorks Pvt. Ltd.
Accellera PSS aims to bring erstwhile in-house/proprietary technology into mainstream Design-Verification engineers’ desktops. Given the wide spectrum of target engineers being addressed, it is essential to support DSL and C++ flavours. With DSL, teams using SystemVerilog-UVM can quickly adopt PSS, while system validation engineers may prefer C++. We at VerifWorks offer PSS-based consulting solutions augmented with in-house tools such as DVCreate. We are developing technologies for bridging UVM to PSS. With PSS, capturing system level coverage should become lot easier, and our tools will help customers using UPF to leverage on PSS’s emerging coverage closure capabilities. Our early engagement and investment with Accellera on PSS is all set to enable the industry to adopt PSS more rapidly in coming months.
— Srinivasan Venkataramanan, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer at VerifWorks Pvt. Ltd.

The Portable Test and Stimulus Standard 1.0 is a great step toward enabling verification reuse across domains and closing the gap between verification technologies and platforms. We look forward to continued innovation in this area, including future work from the PSWG and evolving tool support from EDA providers that further unlocks productivity and potential within verification teams across the industry.
— Neil Johnson, Chief Technologist, XtremeEDA