Accellera Announces Formation of the Federated Simulation Standard Working Group

New Working Group to Focus on the Interoperability of Simulators, Models, and other components that together form Systems-of-Systems simulation environments

Elk Grove, Calif., June 24, 2024 -- Accellera Systems Initiative (Accellera), the electronics industry organization focused on the creation and adoption of electronic design automation (EDA) and intellectual property (IP) standards, announced today the formation of the Federated Simulation Standard (FSS) Working Group (WG). The charter of the new working group is to establish cross-industry collaboration to improve the interoperability of product and environment simulation, models, and components using existing and new open standards.

“Throughout the Proposed Working Group period, many companies across multiple industries expressed interest to consolidate the requirements for a federated simulation ecosystem,” stated Lu Dai, Chair of Accellera. “Accellera’s mission is to provide a platform in which the electronics industry can collaborate to drive innovation and deliver universal standards that improve design and verification productivity for design and verification of electronics products. The FSS WG is an extension of this mission, wherein substantial coordination of efforts will take place to make this standard possible.”

“The intent of the Federated Simulation Standard is to develop a standard and open infrastructure to enable interoperability of established modeling and simulation standards, technologies, and tools as part of a distributed, orchestrated, simulation ecosystem,” stated Martin Barnasconi, Accellera Technical Committee Chair and Chair of the FSS Working Group. “A standardized interface will enable interoperability of modeling and simulation throughout the product lifecycle.”

As part of the development of the standard and open infrastructure, the FSS WG targets alignment with other standards such as ED-247 used in avionics, FMI/FMU applied in automotive, and SMP2 used in the space industry. To take advantage of cross-industry synergies, the WG also aims to align with open collaboration and innovation consortia.

Background on Federated Simulation
There are many different simulation approaches and standards from multiple industries such as avionics, space, semiconductor, automotive, and mechatronics. The goal is to leverage and connect existing industry standards and formats to facilitate modeling, integration, and simulation of complex systems and systems-of-systems. The need for a federated simulation ecosystem is not new; various standards and technologies have been developed in the last few decades to address it. However, many of these solutions have an industry or application specific focus and do not necessarily address interoperability across industrial segments. This cross-industry aspect is increasingly important because of the diverse companies in supply chains that are sharing and integrating more diverse models, simulators, and components. In turn, this drives the need for interoperability and the development of a standardized and open infrastructure.

The first meeting of the Federated Simulation Standard Working Group will be held online in July. This initial meeting will focus on the goals for the working group, its structure, and the development timeline. For more information on the FSS WG, visit here. If you are not already an Accellera member and are interested in joining to participate in the working group and ongoing development of the standard, visit here.

About Accellera Systems Initiative
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